50 Years of DOAS

The 2016/17 year will mark the 50th year of operations for the Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society, established in 1968.  This is a significant milestone for any organization and one which should be celebrated.  There are many people, organizations, municipalities, businesses and institutions who have helped to shape the organization over our 50 year history – and countless hours of volunteer effort from Board members and families, DOAS members and friends, program participants and community members.  Our 50th year will officially kick off at our annual Charter Dinner on Friday, October 21 at the Holiday Inn in Oneonta and will end at our 2017 Charter Dinner next October.

A quick review of some of our archived documentation – newsletters that go back to our very first printed publication (dated February 1969) and board meeting minutes – reveal names of many of those who were involved with the organization during its founding, as well as some who got involved later and others who have remained involved for many years.

In our effort to commemorate the organization this year, we would like to ask for help from our communities to please share your knowledge with us!  We want to know about your experiences over the years, about the people who engaged you with the organization and the impact they have had on your lives.

Is there a special experience that you remember significantly?  Maybe a birding trip or a time you spent at the DOAS Sanctuary or at the Hawkwatch? Or maybe a program that sparked an interest in other environmentally related pursuits? Perhaps there has been a person that was involved with DOAS that you feel deserves some special recognition.  Please help by sharing your experience using the form below.  If you have any images to go along with your narrative, you can upload those as well.   If you know of someone that has been involved but has moved out of the area – forward them the link to this page and ask them to share.  We thank you in advance for your help.

On a similar note, if you would like to help us on our special 50th Year Committee (1 year commitment), please contact Susan O’Handley at sjohandley@gmail.com.

DOAS 50th Year Community Input

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