Wind Power – Bluestone

Bluestone Wind Project

This proposal is for a large wind project adjoining western Delaware County in the Broome County towns of Sanford and Windsor.  The proposed Bluestone Wind farm is within the Golden Eagle migration corridor, and near a major concentration area for Bald Eagles (the Cannonsville Dam in Deposit). 

DOAS is formally involved in the review of the project as a registered party with the NY State Public Service Commission, which will make determinations and provide approvals. We applied for – and received – intervenor funding to obtain GPS migration data for Golden Eagles, and conduct raptor surveys in the fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018.  Due to high numbers of non-migrating eagles found last March, we are seeking to conduct additional survey work in March of 2019.

Information to date can be found below.  Thank you to all who have supported this effort with donations!  Use the Golden Eagle Research button below to donate.

Public Shared Data and Files

Turbine Map July 2018

Sanford Field Map with Turbines

We have a special interest and concern for these iconic birds that pass the Franklin Mt. Hawkwatch in good numbers in fall.  More information on the project, including DOAS comments on the raptor surveys, is available here: DOAS Scoping Comments on Bluestone Wind Project 

Financial Support Needed For Wind Project Eagle Surveys