Share Your Photos with DOAS

We are always seeking photos and images for our newsletter, The Belted Kingfisher and for our website and Facebook Page.  If you would like to share, you can email to DOAS Webmaster.

  • Please include the following information in your email: Title/Description, Photographer Name
  • By uploading your image, you are giving Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society permission for unrestricted use in media as determined by the organization.
  • If there are people in your submission, you are responsible for obtaining the necessary releases from the individuals depicted, and must be able to provide copies of those releases to DOAS upon request.
  • Maximum image size is 32mb; jpg, png and mp4 files are permitted.  
If subject is not identified in image title, please list titles/captions for each image (by upload #) and desired photo credit text.