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How to Contact Your Elected Officials

Updated March, 2019

Federal Addresses

President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1111


U.S. Senators

Senator Charles Schumer
322 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-6542


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
478 Russell
Washington, DC 20510
Tel. (202) 224-4451


U.S. Representatives

19th Congressional District (includes Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie Counties)

Rep. Antonio Delgado
1007 Longworth HOB

Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5614


22nd Congressional District (includes Chenango County)

Rep. Anthony Brindisi

329 Cannon HOB

Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3665


New York State Addresses

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
(518) 474-8390


State Senators

42nd Senate District (includes Delaware County towns of Colchester, Delhi, Hamden, Masonville, Tompkins and Walton)

Senator Jen Metzger
198 State Street, Legislative Office Bldg.,

Room 817

Albany,  NY 12247
Phone: (518) 455-2400



51st Senate District (includes all of Otsego and Schoharie Counties, Delaware County towns of Andes, Bovina, Davenport, Franklin, Harpersfield, Kortright, Meredith, Middletown, Roxbury, Sidney and Stamford, and Chenango County towns of Columbus, Lincklaen, New Berlin, North Norwich, Otselic, Pharsalia, Pitcher, Plymouth, Sherburne and Smyrna)

Sen. James L. Seward
172 State Street

Room 414, Capitol
Albany, NY 12247
Phone: (518) 455-3131


52nd Senate District (includes Delaware County towns of Deposit and Hancock, and Chenango County towns of Afton, Bainbridge, Coventry, German, Greene, Guilford, McDonough, Norwich, city of Norwich, Oxford, Preston and Smithville)

Senator Fred Ashkar
Legislative Office Building, Room 608
Albany , NY 12247
Phone: 518-455-2677


State Assemblymembers

101st Assembly District (includes Otsego County towns of Maryland, Middlefield, Springfield and Westford, and Delaware County towns of Andes, Bovina, Davenport, Delhi, Hamden and Meredith)

Assemblyman Brian Miller
LOB 544
Albany, NY 12248
Phone:  518-455-5334


102nd Assembly District (includes Otsego County towns of Cherry Valley, Decatur, Roseboom and Worcester, Delaware County towns of Harpersfield, Kortright, Middletown, Roxbury and Stamford, and all of Schoharie County)

Assemblyman Chris Tague
LOB 937

Albany, NY 12248
Phone: 518-455-5363


121st Assembly District (includes Otsego County towns of Burlington, Edmeston, Exeter, Hartwick, Laurens, Milford, New Lisbon, Oneonta and the city of Oneonta, Otego, Otsego, Pittsfield, Plainfield and Richfield)

Assemblyman John Salka
LOB 529
Albany, NY 12248
Phone: 518-455-4807


122nd Assembly District (includes Otsego County towns of Butternuts, Morris and Unadilla, Delaware County towns of Colchester, Deposit, Franklin, Hancock, Masonville, Sidney, Tompkins and Walton, and Chenango County towns of Afton, Bainbridge, Coventry, German, Greene, Guilford, New Berlin, Norwich, city of Norwich, North Norwich, Oxford, Preston and Smithville)

Assemblymember Clifford W. Crouch
LOB 450
Albany, NY 12248
Phone: (518) 455-5741


126th Assembly District (includes Chenango County towns of Columbus, Lincklaen, McDonough, Otselic, Pharsalia, Pitcher, Plymouth, Sherburne and Smyrna)

Assemblyman Gary D. Finch
LOB 448
Albany, NY 12248
Phone: (518) 455-5878

Tips for Contacting Elected Officials

From Berkeley Library, University of California – March 2017 Update 

Letters, emails, and faxes are effective ways to communicate with your elected officials. Below are some tips on contacting and communicating with your elected official.

1. Be Original– Consider writing your own original correspondence. While many organizations can provide you a pre-written letter or postcard that you simply sign, many legislators still consider a thoughtful, original letter from a constituent worth 1000 of the pre-written letters. Feel free to use a pre-written letter as a base and expand on it with your own words.

2. Stay Brief– The maximum length of a letter/email should be 1 page. Keep in mind that the letter will most likely be read by a legislative aid and summarized for the legislator, so a brief letter is best.

3. State Who You Are and What You are Writing About– Identify yourself as a constituent and why you are writing in the first place first paragraph. This will keep your letter brief. However, refrain from using lines like “As a citizen and a taxpayer…” Also, if you know the bill by name or bill number state it in the first paragraph.

4.Personalize Your Letter/Email– If the legislation you are writing about will affect you personally, tell the legislator about it. Write a brief personal story about what the legislation will/will not do for you and/or your community.

5.Personalize Your Relationship– The more you can personalize your relationship with the legislator, the stronger your letter/email will be. If you voted for the legislator, worked on his/her campaign, or donated money to the legislator or their party, say so. If you ever met the legislator, briefly mention this in your letter.

6.Three Points– In keeping your correspondence short, consider making no more than three main points. Flush out your three strongest points and stick with them.

7. Be Respectful– The easiest way to not have your letter read is to be disrespectful. “Dear Idiot” will probably send your letter to the garbage, however taking a firm position on an issue is fine. Do not use profanity. Even if your legislator is not the person you voted for, remember to be respectful.

8. Include Your Address in Your Signature, Even in Email– Legislators are busy people and you should also never demand a response. However some legislators will take the time to write back, but they cannot if you do not include your address. Including your address also affirms the fact that you are a constituent.

9. Proper Address– Below are the ways to address your letters:

Dear President:

Dear Vice President:

Dear Senator (Name):

Dear Representative (Name):

10. Follow up– After you have contacted your elected official, follow up on what they did. If he/she voted the way you wanted, consider contacting them to thank him/her. If your legislator did not vote the way you wanted, consider contacting them and respectfully express your disappointment. In any follow-up letter/email, mention the fact that you wrote him/her before the vote was taken.

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