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Breeding Codes Part 2 – Atlasing

From the New York State Ornithological Association

Field trip at NYSOA Annual Meeting 2019, hosted by The Catskill Center

When New Year’s Day arrived this year, New York State’s third Breeding Bird Atlas was off and running! Knowing the breeding codes and how to use them is a key skill for every atlaser. This month, we bring your Julie Hart’s second article on Breeding Codes, which focuses on the Possible and Probable categories. Here are links for the article in PDF and MS Word formats:
Atlas Corner:  Breeding Codes Part 2 (PDF format)
Atlas Corner:  Breeding Codes Part 2 (MS Word format)

Last July, we sent you Julie Hart’s first article on Breeding Codes, which was all about the Confirmed category. In case you missed it, or would like to see or publish it again, here are the links for it:
Atlas Corner:  Breeding Codes Part 1 (PDF format)
Atlas Corner:  Breeding Codes Part 1 (MS Word format)

Breeding Code articles (they are on the NY BBA III website):
    Breeding Codes Part 1:
    Breeding Codes Part 2:

Thank you! 
Shirley Shaw
NYSOA President

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