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Gone Birding Image Gallery

Below, find images that have been submitted as part of the 2020-Gone-Birding Scavenger Hunt! To submit your images, please go to or email us at

Image credits are listed below the slides.


American Goldfinch – Image by Katie Murphy

Common Mergansers – Image by Alice Tucker

Osprey – Image by Katie Murphy

Osprey in Flight – Image by Katie Murphy

Osprey – Image by Katie Murphy

Turkey Vulture – Image by Debbie DeKoeyer

Mallards – Image by Debbie DeKoeyer

Great Blue Heron – Image by Debbie DeKoeyer

Brown Thrasher – Image by Danielle Tucker

Indigo Bunting – Image by Danielle Tucker

White-breasted Nuthatch – Image by Danielle Tucker

Northern Oriole – Image by Debra Ann Miller

Northern Flicker – Image by Debra Ann Miller

Field Sparrow – Image by Debra Ann Miller

Birdwatching 1 – Image by The Brown Family

Birdwatching 2 – Image by The Brown Family

Birdwatching 3 – Image by The Brown Family

Northern Flicker – Image by Vera Sosnowski

Northern Cardinal – Image by Lisetta Coffin

Black-capped Chickadee – Image by Lisetta Coffin

Northern Oriole – Image by Lisetta Coffin


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We envision a healthy world where people and wildlife thrive and natural resources are protected.
The mission of Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society is to protect our natural environment and connect people with nature
 to benefit birds and other wildlife through conservation, education, research and advocacy.

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